Mayor Linda Tyer lifts state of emergency for City of Pittsfield

In conjunction with the rescinding of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ state of emergency and other COVID-19 restrictions on Tuesday, June 15, Mayor Linda Tyer has also lifted the City of Pittsfield’s public health state of emergency.

“This is an administrative step that allows us to be in alignment with the state,” said Mayor Tyer.

The city’s Emergency Declaration, which went into effect March 2020, allowed municipal government to access state and federal resources to effectively serve the community during the pandemic. The declaration also triggered the establishment of a unified command that was comprised of senior level city officials for the purposes of tracking, monitoring, planning, and executing decisions related to the mitigation of COVID-19.

On Tuesday, state lawmakers are expected to continue discussions on extensions and provisions, such as outdoor dining and virtual municipal meetings, allotted statewide during the pandemic.