City of Pittsfield Provides Vitals App for Residents - First in the Northeast region

The 90 sworn officers of the Pittsfield Police Department are redoubling their efforts to provide a proactive policing model as employees follow up on the core value of sensitivity and rendering service with courtesy, dignity and respect.


“We are proud to partner with Pittsfield, not just because their first responders are pioneers in this part of the country, but because the City’s public safety mission statement replicates the goals of Vitals’™. We are excited to provide a platform that helps police, firefighters, and other 1st Responders connect with the community, giving responders real-time information that will help keep everyone safe, and provides a sense of ‘peace of mind’ for parents and caregivers,” Vitals President/CEO Janeé Harteau remarked.


Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer added, “Many thanks to Chief Wynn for bringing this dynamic initiative to the City of Pittsfield Police Department. I am deeply proud to know that the city’s police and fire departments, along with our public safety partners in Berkshire County, will be leading the way with this cutting-edge technology. Through this invaluable resource, our dedicated and committed public safety officials will have immediate access to crucial information that will provide beneficial context in particularly sensitive situations, further enriching their service to our community.”

Pittsfield Police and Fire have signed up community members as partners to receive emergency notifications on their smart phones. Now, through Vitals™, the department is using technology to provide residents the opportunity to share information with police that officers can immediately access in an emergency, creating a win-win scenario.


“We are committed to providing our residents with the tools they need to communicate with law enforcement. What’s great about the Vitals™ App is it takes away the unknown that is always in the back of the officer’s mind. Knowing what to say and how to de-escalate a difficult situation, which is what this tool does, will be a tremendous asset,” Lt. Gary Traversa said.


Vitals™ Aware Services was launched in August of 2017.  Approximately 70 first responding agencies and a handful of school districts are currently using the community-based service.


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About Vitals™ Aware Services

Vitals™ works by equipping first responders with information voluntarily provided by Vitals™ enrollees. Law enforcement and other first responders download the Vitals™ First Responder app on their cellphones. The service allows a vulnerable person to register online, then wear a beacon that takes the form of a keychain, necklace, debit card or bracelet. An Android phone can also serve as the beacon. When a Vitals™ user comes within 80 feet of an officer or first responder equipped with the service, the officer will get a notification about the person’s diagnosis and how they may best interact with them.

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