Snowstorm update

Snowstorm update

Please note we are still in the middle of an active snow event. The National Weather Service is maintaining a Winter Storm Warning until 7 a.m. Tuesday Heavy snow is expected to continue in Pittsfield with total accumulations of up to 24 inches. Heavier snow is expected this afternoon with major impact to the evening commute. Snowfall rates are expected to reach 2 inches per hour later today and into the evening.

Since the start of the snow event on Sunday, the City of Pittsfield has been actively engaged in snow plowing and roadway treatment operations. Major routes were pre-treated while all quadrants have received some level of snow plowing. With this type of storm, a combination of pre-treatment and ongoing plowing is key to maintain accessible roads. However, the work is not completed until 6 to 8 hours after the storm passes. We are plowing on all streets, but the main focus is on maintaining safe travel on main roads. Once the storm is over, the removal of snow banks and other areas of accumulation will occur.

The City of Pittsfield thanks you for your patience during this time.

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