City of Pittsfield 2019 Summer Interns Series - Emma Bartini

This summer, the City of Pittsfield is pleased to host several interns in various city departments. As part of this effort, we’ve conducted brief interviews with each of them to showcase their various talents and interests.

Today’s profile features Emma Bartini an intern in the Engineering Department.

Please indicate your current school and major. What made you choose your major/minor?

I currently attend Berkshire Community College. I am in the process of earning an Associate’s Degree in civil engineering as well as elementary education. I came to BCC not knowing exactly what I wanted to study, I knew that education was an idea and I also love physics so while taking classes for the elementary education path I took a physics class. I have always loved physics, taking AP physics in High School, and grew my love for it. My teacher insisted I should sign up for the STEM Starter Academy, which I did, and that’s where the path of civil engineering began.



What made you chose the City of Pittsfield for your internship? Feel free to indicate anything else regarding your interest in local government.

My teacher recommended this internship to me during the school year and I was excited to apply as it would give me an insight of what I am studying in class.

Tell us what you’ve been busy working on so far during your internship.

So far I have done work related to parking regulations, helped with signing the Summer Street lot, scanning plans, and helping with potential locations for e-Bike stations in the city.

What’s an accomplishment you’re most proud of?

One of my accomplishments that I am most proud of is attending Berkshire Community College. With this choice I am studying for two Associate’s degrees, have had two great internships, and was able to buy a new car, as well as saving boat loads of money compared to four-year colleges.

What are your future plans (if any) post-college?

After this year at BCC, I will attend a 4-year school majoring in one (or both) of the degrees. I will start applying for schools this coming fall, and whichever school gives me the best offer, is where I will be attending.