City of Pittsfield 2019 Summer Interns Series - Sarah Stapleton

This summer, the City of Pittsfield is pleased to host several interns in various city departments. As part of this effort, we’ve conducted brief interviews with each of them to showcase their various talents and interests.

Today’s profile features Sarah Stapleton, an intern in the Health Department.

Please indicate your current school and major. What made you choose your major/minor?

Smith College, double majoring in Psychology and Sociology. I’ve always been fascinated by how and why people behave as they do. Studying both the social constructions and patterns present around us all, while also having a psychology lens to see the role biology and psychosocial factors might play, leaves so much room for my own curiosity and exploration!


Ghent, N.Y., but currently residing in the Albany area.

What made you chose the City of Pittsfield for your internship? Feel free to indicate anything else regarding your interest in local government.

The City of Pittsfield is a lively growing place, focusing such great energy and hard work into making it one of the best resources and areas in the Berkshires. This opportunity fit my interests perfectly as I’ve wanted to better understand and see the internal workings and impacts of how government plays such an interconnected and personal role within the city, and for the people of Pittsfield. I had no fundamental or conceptual understanding of how Public Health was interwoven with the government and the range with which we are responsible for the wellbeing of people, via public health in the city!

Tell us what you’ve been busy working on so far during your internship.

So far in this internship I have been focused on a variety of hands-on projects covering different topics, allowing me to experience different areas of work and collaboration I might want to pursue in the future. I have been primarily focused on running a Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Campaign and assisting with promotional and social media initiatives to spread the word about Healthy Pittsfield and all the free resources Pittsfield has to offer the community. As well, for a culminating project I am driving the Healthy Pittsfield planning committee and logistics for the pilot Youth Wellness Fair occurring at the Roots Rising Farmers Market on Aug. 10. Here, I will be utilizing some of the resources within the Berkshires to collaborate on providing and promoting healthy choices and lifestyle options available for the youth of this community!

What’s an accomplishment you’re most proud of?

Being a dual sport athlete on both the soccer and track and field teams at Smith College. Although the time commitment of practice every day, plus game/meet days and travel, is not always easy to manage, the foundation and support network the athletic community provides me is what helps me show up and work hard every day, in my athletic, academic, and social life. Coincidental to the mission of Healthy Pittsfield, staying fit and active is also what guides me to continue healthy eating habits, live tobacco free, and prioritize my mental wellbeing!

What are your future plans (if any) post-college?

Ah, the award-winning question. I will most likely pursue a further degree in some masters or doctorate program, possibly in Social Work, Public Health, Psychology, Science in Exercise Sports Studies, or Sociology. Aside from more school, I plan to travel (trying all the best foods along the way) and expand my understanding of the world with the goal of doing meaningful work I love and am passionate about, while making some positive impact.