City Hall implements new automated phone system and main number line

The City of Pittsfield has added a new automated phone system and main number line, which will streamline access to city departments. City Hall’s new main number is 413-449-5600.

“The system is designed to create enhanced accessibility for callers to City Hall,” said Mike Steben, the city’s Chief Information Officer.

The main number features a menu-driven system that allows callers to find the appropriate department for which they are seeking assistance. Additionally, the system will share announcements such as closures of City Hall offices.

The addition was included in the transition of the city’s phone system to voice over IP technology, also known as VOIP, which took place this month. The technology facilitates productivity and efficiency by decentralizing the phone system, allowing multiple access points of communication for employees, Steben said.

Existing numbers for city departments remain the same and can still be dialed directly; contact information for each department is available on the city’s website,