Welcome to Online Payments!

The City of Pittsfield accepts online payments through our online payment partners, Invoice Cloud and Kelley & Ryan.  

Online payments may be made using checking account information (Electronic Funds Transfer) or credit cards.  Available payment options vary among services and a service fee may be assessed by our online payment partners, which will be detailed on their respective websites.  Transactions are secure using state-of-the-industry encryption technology.

* If you are paying a Motor Vehicle Excise Tax from Kelley & Ryan, the City's Deputy Collector, please pay at www.KelleyRyan.com

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    Access, view and pay:
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Personal Property Tax
  • Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
    (including demands)
  • Water/Sewer Bills
    Access and pay:
  • Parking Tickets
    Request and pay for:
  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Dog Licenses
  • Funeral Directors

Please refer to the Online Payments Frequently Asked Questions to help answer your most common questions.