RSVP Testimonials

"It was not until I was in college spending my spring breaks volunteering in a community in northern Maine that I think I really felt, personally the benefits of helping others. Now as a father of two, my spirit of volunteering has been renewed. I feel strongly that actions speak louder than words and my example is the best way I can teach my children. Two of my favorite sayings are "I may have no shoes but the next guy has no feet" and "Life is good!"  Those sayings remind me how much I have to offer others and how others have positively affected me in this short journey called life." ~Andy Perenick of Dalton, MA 


"Giving something back to the community where I grew up is probably one of the main reasons why I have chosen to be a volunteer. It is also a way of meeting new people with varied and interesting backgrounds. And, I’ve learned a lot more about my community through volunteerism.  What a great way to spend my retirement!" ~Lorraine Moresi of Pittsfield, MA 


"I think the best thing about volunteering is performing a useful service, and in the process you meet many wonderful people.  In retirement, if you don’t have some useful tasks to perform, life can get very dull.  Volunteering gets me out of the house, makes me feel we are needed, and keeps me young!"  
~Pat Ruel of Pittsfield, MA 


"When I retired I missed the sense of contributing to the community which my long time work in a public library gave me.  I volunteer both because it gives me outside interests and pleasant contacts and because I want to continue to feel that I am actively contributing to the community in which I live.  I appreciate the fact that as a member of RSVP I am “prescreened” which means less red tape if I want to volunteer for something new." ~Jen Shapp of Lenox, MA



"Our Meals On Wheels and congregate meal sites would not be able to operate without the volunteers. We appreciate them so much." ~ Sandy Alfonso, Elder Services Nutrition Program


"We would not be able to do what we do in Pittsfield every year without RSVP volunteers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." ~ Melodie Carroll, Muscular Dystrophy Associate