Administration Division

The Department of Public Utilities Administration Division consists of four employees: the Commissioner of Public Utilities, the Office Manager, the Administrative Assistant and the Meter Reader.  The typical duties include overseeing and directing the Divisions of the Public Utilities (i.e., Water, Wastewater and Engineering) and providing support services to these divisions to make the Department function as a unified organization.

The responsibilities of the Administrative staff include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance of water and sewer accounts;
  • Coordination of water and sewer billing;
  • Issuance of parking permits;
  • Maintenance of public parking lot accounts;
  • Maintenance of waiting lists for municipal parking lots;
  • Maintenance of 4-family trash accounts;
  • Coordination of monthly billing for all Divisions - including public parking lots and trash accounts;
  • Enforcement of the City Code as applicable;
  • Coordination of matters relating to sewers, water, solid waste, and resource recovery (via Public Works & Utilities Committee);
  • Coordination of on-going City landfill studies and improvement projects;
  • Response to citizen concerns or redirection as appropriate;
  • Participation in union contract negotiations;
  • Preparation of annual operating and capital budgets for the Department; and
  • Administration of the city capital projects for both Public Services and Public Utilities including MassDOT Transportation Improvement Projects.