Conservation Commission

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2021 Conservation Commission Meeting Schedule

Documents pertaining to the next Conservation meeting:
Agenda - September 16, 2021
Draft Minutes to Approve - August 26, 2021
263-1169, 467 Pecks Rd/City of Pittsfield DPW  /  Plan
263-1170, 198 Blythewood Dr/Lynn Campana  /  NOI-2  /  Plan
263-1005, 184 Blythewood Dr/Arshad Quadri AMENDMENT  /  Plan
RDA 21-22, 160 Newell St/Joshua Healy
RDA 21-30, 854 West St/Onota Heights Trust
RDA 21-31, 40 Fairfield St/Joseph & Deidra Torra
263-1124, F132 Electric Corridor/Request Cert. of Compliance/Eversource
263-1045, Request for COC, Churchill St/Aegis Renewable Energy
263-1097, 600 Merrill Rd/Audi Pittsfield, Request COC
263-1109, Request for Extension, 52 Gordon St/Berkshire Co Habitat for Humanity
263-1111, 555 Dalton Ave/S&I Realty, Request for Extension of OOC
EP #21-06, Emergency Permit, Mountain Dr
EP #21-07, Emergency Permit, 40 Fairfield St
EO #21-06, Enforcement Order, 340 Dalton Division Rd
If there are any questions or problems, please contact Ted Kozlowski at (413) 499-9451.

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Pittsfield Conservation Commission's web link.  Pittsfield's unique blend of wonderful urban and rural landscapes provides for a diverse array of exceptional natural resources.  The Pittsfield Conservation Commission plays an integral role in conserving such resources through the preservation of their functions and values.  This Conservation Commission consists of a seven-member group of volunteers charged with adhering to law set forth in M.G.L Chapter 131, § 40 (more commonly known as the "Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act") and its accompanying regulations seen at 310 CMR 10.00.  The Commission holds regular meetings to discuss proposed activities within jurisdictional wetland resource areas, and their applicable buffer zones, and makes sound decisions pertaining to each project in a separate and distinct manner.


To protect the wetland resources within the City through the implementation and administration of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and its applicable regulations.  Protection is afforded to most all lands within:
  • 100 feet of any streams, creeks, lakes, ponds, wet meadows, marshes, fens, swamps, and/or bogs;
  • 200 feet of a perennial river; and
  • 100-year (FEMA Zone A) floodplains 

These open spaces must be preserved as they have high environmental function and value. The overall goal is to implement sound management practices within these land tracts, and to educate the public in recognizing the overall benefits of wetland preservation.

The City of Pittsfield Conservation Office provides day-to-day assistance to permit applicants and is open weekdays from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.  The Conservation Office is located at City Hall, 70 Allen Street, Room 202, Pittsfield, MA 01201.  Please feel free to stop in, call, or email this office ( if you have any questions pertaining to wetland resource areas.