On April 7, 2009 the Community Development Board approved the City of Pittsfield Master Plan.  The Master Plan Executive Summary, Master Plan main text, and Master Plan Map can be found below.  In addition, hard copies of the master plan can be viewed or purchased at City Hall, Room 205. 

Executive Summary

Chapters 1-7 (main text)

Part 1 Executive Summary

Part 2  Land Use and Development Patterns

Part 3 Housing Quality & Affordability and Neighborhood Development

Part 4 Economic & Cultural Development and Historic & Cultural Resources

Part 5 Transportation & Circulation and Public Facilities & Services

Part 6 Open Space & Recreation and Natural Resource Protection

Part 7 Implementation Plan

Master Plan Maps

Pittsfield Land Use Map

Pittsfield Land Use Map with Parcels

Pittsfield Master Plan Map

Pittsfield Zoning Map

Implementation Progress

On October 19, 2011, the Master Plan Advisory Committee (MPAC) reconvened so that the Department of Community Development staff could provide an update on the progress the City has made in implementing the Master Plan.  The meeting was recorded by Pittsfield Community Television and is available to the public via www.pittsfieldtv.net or by following this link.  The following are materials related to the meeting:

Cover Memorandum to MPAC from Chair

Memorandum to MPAC from Staff

Master Plan Review Matrix

Follow-up Memorandum Post-MPAC Meeting from Staff