Department of Public Utilities

The Department of Public Utilities provides essential services to the 42,000+ citizens of the City of Pittsfield. The Department, comprised of three divisions, operates on a 24 hour basis with pagers and night staffing.  The City employs a staff of 44 full-time employees in the Department of Public Utilities.

The three Divisions that comprise the Department of Public Utilities are the Water Division, the Sewer Divison and the Wastewater Treatment Plant Division.

Sewer Division

  • 180 miles of sewer pipes
  • 6 sewer pumping stations.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Division (Sanitary Sewer System)

  • 28.7 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Industrial pretreatment program

Water Division (Drinking Water System)

  • 6 drinking water reservoirs
  • Water treatment plants (Cleveland and Ashley)
  • 241 miles of water distribution pipes
  • 2 flow control stations
  • 5 pumping stations
  • 5 water storage tanks