Highway Division

Highway Division

The Department of Public Services Highway Division provides the following services for the residents of Pittsfield:

  • Maintains, repairs, patches, paves 180 miles of accepted streets
  • Maintains accessibility on 24 miles of unaccepted streets
  • Maintains, repairs, installs city sidewalks
  • Maintains City bridges, guardrail, curbing
  • Maintains 80 miles of drainage pipes and associated catch basin structures
  • Manages Snow Removal Operations, including plowing, sanding and salting
  • Conducts City-wide Street Sweeping
  • Conducts Roadside Mowing in public right of way
  • Provides Streetscape and Banner Maintenance
  • Supports City Special Events

Click this link to see the main plow routes

Click this link to see all plow routes

Click this link to see the Snow Plan

Highway Division
Daniel Ostrander

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Vinny Barbarotta